Thursday, January 21, 2016

Awards Workshop Scheduled

Branch County 4-H Awards Workshop
Tuesday, March 29, 6:00 pm
MSU Extension Conference Room
Call the Extension Office, 517-279-4311 or email 
by Monday, March 28 to RSVP

Top Ten Reasons to fill-out the Awards Form

      #1   to receive recognition for your accomplishments
      #2   to learn and practice how to complete applications
      #3   4-H awards look good on college, scholarship and/or job applications
      #4   to build self esteem and confidence
      #5   to be recognized by your friends and leaders
      #6   to increase awareness of our 4-H Youth Program
      #7   to document your 4-H achievement and experiences
      #8   to meet new people
      #9   to broaden your horizons and experiences
      #10 it’s fun!  You can earn leadership experiences to Toronto, 
Atlanta, and Washington D.C.

The Branch County 4-H Awards Form is on the Branch County MSU Extension Blog where you will find many 4-H documents under the document tab.  Apply for 16 awards with 1 form!!  You can open the form and save it to your computer.  Complete your form on the computer (except for the story part of the form-that has to be hand written). Give your form to your leader by April 25. Your leader will review, sign and turn it in to the MSUE by May 2.  Don’t wait.  Start filling out the form today!  Awards are presented at the Branch County 4-H Recognition Night on Tuesday, October 4 at the Dearth Center.