Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Decorating Animal Pens

From the Fair Board:

We have a great theme for the Fair this year that clubs could use "Christmas Lights" to decorate their animal exhibit pens.  Please use "Christmas Lights" with care:

1.  Keep them UP and AWAY from curious animals (not a chew toy).
2.  Avoid lights touching paper fabric and wood.
3.  Try not to overload circuits (fan vs lights).
4.  Can lights be turned ON at evening chore time and turned OFF when closing up the barns for the night?  A timer would be handy.
     a. Visitors can SEE them better when the sun goes down.
     b.  It's cooler in the evening.... bulbs can create heat .....and most importantly
     c.  Shorter time for accidents to happen.

Entry Day Animal Inspections

Check out the details of entering your small and large animals for Fair. 

Branch Bud - Barnyard Children Entry Day Change
Rabbit, Cavy and Poultry and Larger Animal Exhibitors

All rabbits and cavy must be health inspected in the red Small Animal Barn
BEFORE they can be entered as an exhibit at the fair. 

Reminder that all poultry must report for testing to the show shelter
BEFORE they can be entered as an exhibit at the fair.

Larger animals MUST enter the fairgrounds thru the livestock exhibitor gate to be seen by the Veterinarian before they can be entered as an exhibit at the fair.

Each exhibitor will receive a ticket from any of these 3 locations that need to be presented to the Branch Bud/ Large and Small Animal Superintendents at check in. 

Any questions please contact the fair office at 517-278-5367

Thank you for your cooperation on this. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Soybean Field Day is here!

Get your copy of the Southwest Michigan Field Crops Update newsletter HERE.  Eric Anderson is our Field Drops Educator housed in the St. Joe Office in Centreville if you have any questions for him.

Auction Flyer

Here we are 4 weeks before the start of the Branch County Fair and that means it is time for 4-H'ers to write their buyer letters.  The Branch County Jr. Livestock has provided an auction flyer for youth to insert with their letters.  This flyer explains many details of both the Small and Large Animal Auctions which are set for August 9th & August 10th. 

Get your copy of the Auction Flyer HERE!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hot off the PRESS!!

The 4-H Newsletter for July and August 2018 is ready for YOU!!  Click HERE to read your copy.  Many items, details and articles about Branch County 4-H!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Senior Write Ups

It's that time of the year where we are asking graduating seniors to hand in a framed 5 x 7 photo and write up of themselves.  The write up can give details of what high school they graduated from, what 4-H club they are in and what they have participated in with 4-H, along with their future plans. 

Each year we like to put up a display honoring our graduating 4-H seniors in the Home Ec Building and need your senior's picture and data.  We will type up the write-ups and decorate a booth for Fair Week.  Please remind your senior to drop off their photo and write up by the July 20th deadline.  They can pick up their photos at the booth on Sunday morning, August 12th, during project release time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Final Mandatory Poultry and Rabbit Meetings

FINAL workshops to fulfill your required mandatory meeting are as follows.
Wednesday July 11th
Poultry fair prep 5:00-6:00
Rabbit/Cavy fair prep 6:00-700
Bring rabbits