Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Exploration Days 2015 - Exploring the Possibilities!

It is getting time to think about attending Exploration Days on campus this June 24-26th.  Books will be available in the office for pick up after March 10th.  OR you can get on-line now to view a booklet of classes and to print off your registration form.  But keep in mind that you will not have all of your needed county papers.  So attached are the forms, just click HERE for your COUNTY Exploration Day papers.   Registration starts on March 17th and will run until April 24th.  Take a look a head to your busy summer schedule and plan on attending!!

 Bring your completed packet of papers and payment with your registration form in to the office.  The first received will be the first entered!  Cost is $125.00 per person which already includes the $40 dollar scholarship from the Branch County 4-H Foundation. It's always a good time!  Don't miss out!