Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Got YOUR PQA number?

Are you a youth showing SWINE at the Branch County Fair?  Do you already have your Pork Quality Assurance Certification (PQA)?

We sure hope so!  You will need your certification number on the top of your Fair Premium Statement, which you will fill out and turn in to your leader this month.  

If you have forgotten to get your PQA, here is what you will need to do: 
First can go to a class in Berrien County (MSUE) on June 10th, or you can call the National Pork Board at 1-800-456-7675.  Tell them you are from Michigan and that you need to take the Youth PQA Plus, and they will guide you.

Don't hesitate, it will take time to process your certification and you will need to get your certification number ASAP.  

For other members who have lost their certificate, and do not know their number, call the National Pork number above to get your PAQ certification number.